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How to Ensure Your Grill is Free from Germs

One of the worst things that could ruin a barbecue is contaminated food. When food isn’t kept safe, your guests could suffer food-borne illness with nasty symptoms that could last for almost a week. Most of those who are vulnerable to food poisoning are kids, older people, and folks with weakened immune systems. Needless to say, if food isn’t properly handled, your party would quickly turn into an epic fail.

How to Keep Your Grilled Food Safe

Wash Your Hands Often

If you're not careful, the germs from the raw meat that you're touching will move onto your hands. Without proper handwashing, you'll unknowingly spread the bacteria on cooked or ready-to-eat foods that you're serving to your guests. To prevent cross-contamination, be sure to keep your hands clean by washing them often with soap and water when you’re handling food.

Separate Uncooked Foods from Ready-to-Eat Ones

Be sure to place uncooked foods and ready-to-eat foods in separate containers and never place cooked meat on the same plates, tongs, or cutting boards that have traces of raw juices on them. Avoid pouring the liquid you used to marinate the raw meat on your grilled food as well.

Practice Proper Food Storage

In case you’re not aware, bacteria thrive in foods that have a temperature between 40F and 140F are the most ideal for food bacteria to grow at a faster rate. Be sure to keep your cold foods colder and hot foods hotter if you want to steer clear of problems that lead to food-borne illnesses.

Keep Your Grill Properly Cleaned

Did you know that forgetting to clean up your grill can cause bacteria to multiply and contaminate the food that you’re cooking? These bacteria that came from the leftover food particles from last month’s barbecue need to be removed by brushing them off with a wire grill brush.

Need Help Keeping Your Grill Clean?

If you have more questions about outdoor kitchens and appliances, call Fischman Outdoor Kitchens today.

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