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How to Create the Perfect Winter Patio

Everyone enjoys spending time on their patio when it’s warm outside, but the cold winter weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it in the winter. By creating a custom patio design in Boca to withstand the cold, you can finally sit in yours year-round.

How do you create a patio you can enjoy during the winter season? Let’s go over the ideal designs and accommodations you can add to your deck, so you and your loved ones can sit outside on a cool night and still be warm and toasty.

Cold weather Custom Patio Design Boca

What Keeps Your Patio Warm in the Winter?

Carefully considering the design of your outdoor patio can help you enjoy it all year long. You’ll need certain elements to provide warmth on an extra chilly night. After all, those rare cold nights in Boca are an excellent time to sit around a firepit and get cozy.

Other than considering the design of your patio, you might want to keep a few extra pillows and blankets handy. These accessories can complement your space while providing additional warmth for those who need it.

Cold Weather Additions for Your Patio

Chilly weather shouldn’t stop you from utilizing the outdoor patio you invested all your time and money in. To ensure you can enjoy it no matter what the temperature outside is, you’ll want to consider certain additions for yours when building it.

Below are some of the cold weather amenities you’ll want to have in your outdoor patio:

Heaters or Fire Pits

You can’t possibly enjoy your patio during the winter months without some source of heat. Whether it comes from a heater or a fire pit, it can keep everyone warm during a cold snap. Heaters are more affordable, but a fire pit can complement your décor and give your patio some more style.


The days are shorter during the winter months, but adequate lighting in your patio can really brighten the mood!

Plants and Trees

Strategically placing your plants and trees can help block out some of the elements from your outdoor space, keeping it comfortable for everyone. They’re also ideal for helping to control moisture.


Outdoor shading might seem best in the summertime, but it’s ideal to have if you want to protect your furniture from wind and rain. You can use several things to give your outdoor patio some coverings and protection from outdoor elements, including drapes, umbrellas, or a ceiling. If you enjoy watching the sky above you, consider installing something removable.

Quality Seating

Choosing the right seating is essential for your comfort all year long. You’ll want to find something that you’ll feel comfortable sitting in when it’s cold or warm outside. The fabric should be able to withstand the elements for years to come, giving you both value and enjoyment.

Cold weather Custom Patio Design Boca

Do You Need Help Creating the Perfect Custom Design Patio in Boca?

What’s the use of having a gorgeous patio if you can’t enjoy it all year? Let Fischman Outdoor help you design an ideal patio or deck that can keep you warm in the winter so you can have fun like it’s summer. If you’re ready to start planning your next project, give our team a call today!


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