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How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Guest House? 

Are you jealous of your friend having an outdoor guest house? Don't be! Most people think that having an outdoor guest house seems like a luxury. It actually cost the same as having a home improvement project. When you ask every outdoor guest house contractor in Juno Beach about this idea, they'll advise you to get a guest house that is small yet full of aesthetics.

With this said, building an outdoor guest house may not cost as much as you've imagined. Here’s a brief overview.

Interior of Outdoor Guest House Contractor Juno Beach

Outdoor Guest House Construction Cost

Custom Build

If you have an empty backyard and always have guests coming over to your home, whether they're family or friends, building an outdoor guest house may be a good idea. Although constructing a guest house from scratch can be a lot of work, customizing it can be fun. However, you'll need an outdoor guest house contractor to assist you in purchasing the right items to make things easier.

On a cost-per-square-foot basis, constructing a small guest house is the same as having substantial renovations in your home. The national average for building an on-site home is $100 to $200 per square foot, so that a 600-square-foot one-bedroom guest apartment would cost $60,000. Thus, a 150-square-foot single-room cabin with just sleeping accommodations could cost as little as $15,000, but you'll rarely get a solid return on your investment with such a modest build.

To get the most value for your money, most contractors recommend building a guest home with at least 500 square feet, which is the maximum permissible square footage for an ADU (accessory dwelling unit).

Convert a Garage to a Guest House

Converting a shed or garage into a gorgeous guest suite is a cost-effective solution. The national average for this type of construction is roughly $14,000, with expenses ranging from $6,500 to $22,000. The majority of the prices on top of labor are for structural upgrades like adding a flooring, ceiling, drywall, insulation, and windows, but if you want to construct a filled-to-the-brim apartment with a kitchen and entertainment room, expect to spend substantially more.

Is It Legal for Me to Build a Guest House on My Property?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! You can construct a guest home on your property in most states, but each town has its building codes and sets of restrictions. While some jurisdictions are more permissive than others when it comes to construction, every project, including remodeling, requires an official permit before it can begin. To know more, contact an outdoor guest house contractor.

Green Outdoor Guest House Contractor in Juno Beach

Where to Get a Reliable Outdoor Guest House Contractor in Juno Beach?

We go great lengths to minimize the cost of construction on your patio, outdoor kitchen or guest house. At Fischman Outdoor, we have specialists who can work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. Call us today!

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Many homeowners are building small guest house on their homes to provide alternative living solutions. Guests can find a home in a guest house in their individual property in a series of creative ways to live

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