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Grill Cleaning Tips Every Master Griller Shouldn't Miss

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

There’s nothing like the intoxicating smell of a backyard barbecue. However, unless you want to run the risk of serving up soot, mold, and a host of disease-causing bacteria to your guests, you’d want to make sure that your grill is clean and safe to use. With a little elbow grease and these grill cleaning tips, you’ll have your outdoor grill prepped for its time to shine.

How to Clean Your Dirty Grill

Disconnect Propane Tank and Soak Grates

After each cooking session, check if all the dials are in their off position before you disconnect the propane tank while your grill is still slightly warm. While having work gloves on, remove your greasy grates, as well as the metal plates that are found under them. Soak these parts in a bucket filled with hot water and dish soap. Use a stainless-steel grill brush to remove food particles from those grates and any other surface that comes in contact with your food. Be sure to use a separate scraper tool to get of burned-on food and sauces to eliminate carcinogens. With a damp rug, wipe down the newly scrubbed grates and racks to make sure that loosened bits of baked-on grease, debris, as well as loose brush bristles are left on the grates.

Knobs, Hood, And Sides

Don’t just focus on the interior. Keep an eye out for scale or the buildup of soot that’s commonly found on the hood and sides. Also, be sure to carefully remove, inspect, and clean removable burner control knobs and the grease tray.

Scrub Under the Hood

All of the heating elements must be loosely covered with a piece of foil in order to protect them. Use a grill brush to scrub the interior of the hood. Make sure that you get rid of all traces of carbon buildup from the smoke and grease. This may look similar to peeling paint.

Brush the Inside Walls

Next, scrub the interior walls that are above the elements. The foil will catch the debris and ash while you’re cleaning. Use a damp paper towel to wipe down the inside walls.

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