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Patio Construction

As a Certified General Contractor, Fischman Construction (CGC153002) can transform your backyard space into paradise!

Pergolas, lanai roof extensions, pavers, retractable awnings, motorized insect screens, fixed screens, turf, pools, firepits, outdoor kitchens, T&G finishes...and much more!

Give us a call at (561) 254-6701 to see how we can help with your outdoor patio project.

Initial Consultation

Fischman Outdoor Kitchen’s design service uses a step-by-step process to determine each design element, beginning with a consultation at the showroom (804 Old Dixie Hwy. Suite 6 Lake Park, FL 33403).


In this step, the team will get an understanding for the vision/layout the client is looking for. This gives the client a chance to browse different construction materials and design elements.


Click here to see a quick video about our showroom consultation process.


Design deposit

Next, the Fischman Team will take a $3,000 Design Deposit (goes towards the cost of the job if client chooses to move forward with project).

The purpose of this design deposit is for Fischman to know precisely what a client is envisioning their project to look like in 3D. 

Typically, contractors have clients go to an architect first, then come back to them with plans so that they can provide a bid. This process avoids the tens of thousands of dollars and long timeframe for revisions from an architect.

Click here to see a quick video about our design process


360 Degree Scans

Next, the Fischman Team will go to the client's home (the following Tuesday) to assess the area by taking measurements and photos.

They use a compact imaging laser scanner that uses a 360 degree laser distance meter and high definition panoramic imaging to create a 3D point cloud of the space around it. The LiDAR technology captures 360,000 points per second.

This provides the Fischman Team with measurements of everything within millimeter accuracy.



Design Consultation

After scanning, the consultation then moves back to the Fischman office where the owner can look over the design and make any alterations where they see fit.

This consultation is usually several hours as there are many design choices/alterations made during meeting.

Below is a sample patio design created in a meeting like this.

Gurski, John (Full Patio) Design Photo 7.jpg


Once the Fischman Team has all of the design details chosen, they will begin putting together the estimate. 

The estimate is provided 2 weeks from the following Wednesday after the initial design consultation.

If all looks good in the estimate and the client would like to move forward the Fischman Team will coordinate a final Rendering Design meeting.

Rendering Meeting

Finally, the client comes back into the office for a final meeting where they can see rendered imagery of the design as well as iron out any final details.

The Fischman Team will have a contract ready to get the project moving forward and into queue. Below is the same sample patio from other image, however, this photo is rendered making it photo realistic and beautiful!!

Gurski Project_Photo - 1.jpg
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