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The Importance of Cleaning Your Grill

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Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner
Palm Beach Grill Cleaner


"Excellent grill cleaning service. They cleaned and restored all aspects of my grill from a home I had recently purchased. They arrived on time for their appointment, were professional, polite and pleasant. They took the various parts of the grill off and thoroughly cleaned them and polished the stainless steel. Also, were very helpful answering questions I had regarding the grill and maintenance. Highly recommend them."

John Rao

"Work was done efficiently, on time and with excellent results. I was pleased with the positive attitude of the men who came to work as well."

Alan Kessman

Grill Cleaning Process & Pricing

The grill cleaning technicians at Palm Beach Grill Cleaner have been cleaning grills since 2011, and use the utmost care when cleaning your grill.


Our service includes cleaning ALL internal components, clearing out of all burner holes for a good solid gas flow, complete degreasing and carbon removal of the internal surfaces of the grill and hood, as well as buffing and polishing of the stainless steel exterior of the grill.


Tarps are placed on the ground and on all work surfaces to protect the cleaning area.

It is more of a detailing than it is a cleaning, as it takes on average a 2-man crew 2.5 - 3 hours to clean a grill.

Regular grill cleaning is vital to maintaining a healthy grilling environment, and can extend the life of your grill. 

We bill as stated below:

Measurements of grill are based on outside edge to outside edge (width) of grill head. Pricing is the same for either freestanding cart grills or built-in grills and also includes us cleaning what you can see on your vent hood (if you have one) and polishing any stainless in the outdoor kitchen structure (if there is any). These are set rates and non-negotiable.

20"-30" Grill = $260
31"-40" Grill = $300
41"-50" Grill = $340
51"+ Grill = $380

Occasionally, when employees are out we need to utilize a 1-man cleaning crew. This takes a little bit longer, but the billing is exactly the same. 

We also offer annual cleaning plans. Please call us to inquire about this service.


If your grill is in need of repair, please contact the grill manufacturer, NY Appliance at (954) 650-7176 or Mr. Appliance of the Palm Beaches at (561) 697-3436

Please call us at (561) 254-6701 to schedule your grill cleaning!

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