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Custom Outdoor Kitchen Delray | Must-Have Items for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Delray Custom Outdoor Kitchen


Setting up a custom outdoor kitchen Delray is one of the most exciting things any homeowner can do. If you’re planning to have one that’s simple yet functional, you’ll be fine with just a counter space, a refrigerator, a grill, and a sink. However, if you want to take your patio kitchen to the next level and use it for alfresco entertaining, you’ll need to install fun additions that would make your outdoor party hosting impressive and convenient. Check out these must-have items for your custom outdoor kitchen:

Top Items You’d Want for Your Outdoor Kitchen




If you’re fond of hosting dinner parties outdoors, you’ll thank yourself for having an outdoor dishwasher. Think of this outdoor kitchen essential as an added bonus if you already have an indoor washer. Think about the number of dishes you can get to wash simultaneously when your relatives and friends come over for dinner parties or holiday gatherings.


Ice Maker


An ice maker is another outdoor kitchen item that you’d want to have especially if you’re someone who entertains on a regular basis. With an ice maker, you won’t have to repeatedly get ice from your indoor freezer. To maximize your counter space, consider having your ice maker tucked out of way under your counter.


Warming Drawer


Adding this appliance to your outdoor kitchen will make it convenient for you to keep your bread and sides warm while the main dishes are being grilled. Your guests will surely love the warm food you’ll serve at your alfresco parties.


Trash, Recycling, and Compost Containers


Hosting larger gatherings will be much easier with clearly marked trash, recycling, and compost bins conveniently installed in your outdoor kitchens. After all, you wouldn’t want to sift through the scraps and trash to fish out recyclable items.

Do You Need Help with Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen Delray?


Need help in designing and building the ultimate custom outdoor kitchen Delray? Contact Fischman Outdoor Kitchens to make your outdoor kitchen dreams seamless and beautiful.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Delray
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