Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Outdoor Kitchen Construction


Fischman Outdoor Kitchen’s design service uses a step-by-step process to determine each design element, beginning with a consultation at the showroom (804 Old Dixie Hwy. Suite 6 Lake Park, FL 33403). In this step, the team will get an understanding for the vision/layout the client is looking for. This gives the client a chance to browse different appliances, cabinetry and other design elements. It is always good to bring a couple of photos, as well as general measurements to this meeting.

Next, the Fischman Team will go to the client's home (on Tuesdays) and assess the area by taking measurements and photos.

Once complete, the Fischman Team will put together a quote within 1 week and 1 day and send to the client. If the quote looks good, the Fischman Team will take a $1,000 deposit, which goes toward a 3D rendering of the patio with the kitchen in it.


The consultation then moves back to the showroom where the owner can look over the design and make any alterations where they see fit. Once the kitchen is designed perfectly, the Fischman Team will begin production. 

If the client decides to move forward with the Fischman Team, the $1,000 deposit gets applied to the cost of the kitchen. Otherwise, they are free to take the design and use it however they would like.

Outdoor kitchens tend to be very similar in pricing to an interior kitchen, except that all of the products need to be resilient to the outdoor elements. Most outdoor kitchens fall into the $20,000 - $60,000 range.


The Fischman Outdoor Kitchen Team is knowledgeable and thorough, understanding the potential risks associated with outdoor kitchens (i.e. gas leaks, fire hazards . . . etc.), as well as how to minimize any risks through the use of robust materials and proper ventilation.


There is no detail too small or unimportant as safety is a top priority with Fischman Outdoor Kitchens. Fischman Outdoor Kitchens offers a wide variety of outdoor appliances available for viewing in the showroom.

The Best Construction Methods in the Business

Aluminum Tube Framework

At Fischman Outdoor Kitchens we have found that one of the most important considerations in building an outdoor kitchen is the material used to construct the frame.


All too often we see wooden frames burned due to the heat of the grill, and galvanized steel frames rusted due to the South Florida humidity. Cement block is often a popular choice; however this tends to be considerably more invasive than other options and is very hard to work with for future counter alterations.

Here at Fischman Outdoor Kitchens we have decided that welded aluminum tube frames are the perfect solution.  Structurally, these frames are incredibly robust, and easy to work with if you ever wish to alter your counter. The aluminum will not burn, rust or corrode.

Also, this material allows us to construct the frame off-site which keeps construction time at your home to a minimum.

Once the frame is installed at site, we place an aluminum floor inside the framework to provide clean storage beneath the counter and help keep unwanted critters out!

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